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This is the first of the best collection of phonics workbooks to have a FUNTIME learning phonics

Developing phonics skills is the first step in the reading journey and now it’s exciting too! My ABC Reading Phonics Workbook helps young readers aged 4-6 become phonics champs with extra fun and interactive phonics worksheets.

Watch your kid learn the alphabet from A-Z by connecting letters to sounds and words effortlessly.
With beautifully designed worksheets and interactive pages, and more, this workbook is fully-packed with fun and interactive engaging lessons that will help your kid become a fluent reader,

My ABC Reading Phonics Workbook includes:

  • Letters A-Z to kickstart with the foundation of individual vowel and consonant phonics sounds.
  • Sounds to words combined lessons allow young readers to effortlessly move from letter sounds to blending words.
  • 20 interactive and fun worksheets with colorful images and lessons and more keep kids excited to learn naturally.

Phonics lessons that your kid will love doing. These phonics workbooks engage your kid to make learning fun.

Timir Naha (Author Bio)

is an expert in English teaching with knowledge of the requirements of Non-Native speakers.

An MBA graduate from the UK has an experience in the IT sector as an SAP-certified consultant from Germany with several accolades and certifications to his credit including the prestigious C1 Advanced level Certification from CEFR Europe and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign language) certification accredited by ALAP UK.

He has also attended several pieces of training such as English in Early childhood education by Future Learn and acquired a certification in Phonics. 

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